Subcontracting services fast and cost-effective

Not all production steps are or can be carried out in the value-added process of your own company. Certain work steps are carried out outside the company. Any capacity bottlenecks or technological processes must be covered and handled outside the company’s core competencies. This is usually the last stage of surface treatment, the so-called surface finish of materials.

techno-finish Industries GmbH is specialised in surface technology, with its own belt finishing systems and subcontracting services. We have over 20 years of know-how in superfinishing and surface technology, so we know exactly what we are talking about.
Subcontracting offers an important and flexible alternative to in-house processing.

As a service provider and specialist for tape finishing technology, we are able to process the surface structures and surface roughnesses you require economically, reliably and inexpensively with our in-house finishing equipment and machines.

Our employees have decades of experience and fall back on the latest technological developments and innovations. Accuracy and maximum precision are our top priorities. In addition, the results are clearly documented and handed over in terms of surface (Ra, Rz, Rpk, Rvk), wearing part (Tpi), flatness, etc.

The finishing processes are carried out exclusively by our own employees and only the equipment and machines produced in-house are used. The confidential handling of information and customer data is our top priority.

Your advantages

  • Project consulting
  • Process development
  • Development of special systems
  • Development of modular machines
  • Surface finish consulting
  • Reliable customer service
  • Express machining
  • Long-term customer relationships

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