Process safe surfaces thanks to innovation – the tapefinisher G2 sets new standards

Our latest generation belt finishers fulfill the highest requirements for quality and process reliability. Thanks to modern and robust engineering, our tape finishers can accommodate 100m large rolls up to 160mm diameter and double the operating time up to a tape change. With two-stage finishing processes or simultaneous finishing with opposite finishing devices, the tape direction can be easily changed.

Superfinish Bandfinisher G2
Microfinish Bandfinisher G2

Innovation tape measuring system

Thanks to the innovative tape measuring system, process reliability can be increased in production plants and fnishtape consumption precisely measured. This can reduce the consumption of abrasive film in large series by up to 40%. The tape feed can be entered digitally in m/min on a display. A precise measurement control therefore consumes the same amount of tape for all finish parts, regardless of whether the winding roll has a diameter of 30mm or 160mm.

Durable Swiss quality

The entire belt finisher is manufactured in Switzerland and equipped with high-quality components. The precise manufacturing and assembly guarantees a long service life and high process reliability of the finished surfaces. The precise finish heads, mounted on one side, are fitted as standard and allow finishing up to a flange. The oscillation speed can also be entered digitally and thus also contributes to increasing process reliability. The size of the amplitude is preset by us ex works, possible sizes are 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 4 / 5mm.

Bandfinisher G2

Process safe surfaces

Thanks to the digital input of tape feed and oscillation, you can create consistent and homogeneous surface structures. You also have the option of monitoring the contact pressure via a pressure monitor built into the tape finishing device so that you always work with the same contact pressure. These tape finishing units G2 can be installed in plants or used as a mobile tape finishing unit.