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robo-line E4-100

The robo-line E4-100 belt finishing line is a highly productive machine with two work spindles, a pallet changer and a Kuka robot with double gripper. The fully enclosed finishing cell with a continuous open machining area is designed for all rotary parts and can process up to four belt stages one after the other. The new machine concept allows parts to be loaded directly from pallets using the Kuka KR6 900 robot. However, the parts can also be fed to the processing station manually via a lifting station and transported further. With the pallet changer used, the system can operate unmanned for up to 5 hours.

The robo-line E4-100 robotic belt finishing machine is ideal for polishing and structuring the surfaces of hard chrome plated shafts or shafts and pistons. Even in the production of 100% twist-free sealing surfaces and bearing surfaces, you can achieve a machining time of just a few seconds with the process-reliable strip finish technology. With the forward-looking belt finishing technology, all materials can be quickly and reliably finished to the required surface roughness after grinding or hard turning. A further advantage is the constant and homogeneous surface structure of the finished parts.

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