Machine Specifications

max. Workpiece length: 150 mm
max. Workpiece diameter: 60 mm
Workpiece loading: top, front
Spindle speed: 250– 3800 U/min
Drive power: Spindle motor 1.1 kW
Operating voltage: 3 x 400 VAC
Steuerung: Siemens S7 300
Bildschirm: Simatic Mobil Panel 277
Zuführung: Palettenwechsler 6-fach
Autonomie: bis 5 Std.
Jahresproduktion: 1’500’000 Teile
Anzahl Formate: 10 verschiedene Bauteile
(geringe Rüstzeit)
Kühlschmierung: Filterwagen FW160
Technische Daten Grundmaschine

Length: 2200 mm
Width: 1600 mm
Height: 2000 mm
Weight: 2185 kg

Cooling lubrication: Filter unit with filter cartridges
Cooling lubricant: Emulsion, oil
Program language: Multilingual
Control unit: Siemens Touch-Panel coloured
Assembly: Kuka Roboter KR 6 R900

100% control – surface, dimensional tolerance, logging


  • Siemens control cabinet with touch panelAll parameters are entered and monitored digitally.
    All pneumatic settings directly at the control cabinet.
  • Kuka robot KR6 900 automated loading directly from the pallet

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